Web Registration

1. Fill up the fields (Personal Information, PRC ID, Voter Region and Sectoral Representation) in the form below.
2. Click Register button
3. After clicking Register, the message below will be displayed confirming that your registration has successfully proceeded.

“Thank you for registering to our eVote website. For the meantime, your current membership status is PENDING. PPhA ELECOM shall verify your submitted information and shall send a reply by email confirming your ELIGIBILITY to VOTE. If you are ELIGIBLE, you will receive a separate email of your digital passcode (voter login credentials) within a week before the schedule of election. If NOT, an ELECOM representative will contact you through your provided phone or email to give the instructions on how to obtain ELIGIBILITY."

4. PPhA Elecom shall send an email acknowledgment of your eVote website registration .

In case an error occurred during registration, try doing any of the following methods:
• Clear browser cache
• Use Incognito/Private Mode
• Use a different browser
If a message appears stating that “The email is already taken" after clicking “Register", it means that:
• You are Pre-Qualified and your email account has already been pre-registered by ELECOM last March 1, 2020. Kindly check your inbox for [VERIFIED] email.


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